Scale Library

This page is a work in progress, but here I will be adding scale charts for both CAGED and 3 note per string scales.

Each CAGED diagram has 4 neck diagrams. The first shows the triad notes within the given position. The second diagram adds 2 notes to create the 5 note pentatonic scale. The third diagrams adds a further 2 notes to create the 7 note diatonic scale. The fourth neck diagram is the recommended fingering for the diatonic scale.

CAGED Scales

A Ionian (E-Shape)

A Lydian (E-Shape)

A Mixolydian (E-Shape)

A Aeolian (E-Shape)

B Dorian (G-Shape)

C Ionian (C-Shape) open position

C Ionian (A-Shape)

C Ionian (G-Shape)

C Ionian (E-Shape)

C Ionian (D-Shape)

C Ionian (C-Shape)

C# Phrygian (A-Shape)

D Ionian (A-Shape)

D Lydian (A-Shape)

E Ionian (C-Shape)

E Mixolydian (C-Shape)

F Ionian (A-Shape)

F# Aeolian (G-Shape)

G Ionian (G-Shape) open position

G Ionian (E-Shape)


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